Is Stevia Really Good or Bad for Your Health ?

Though stevia may offer benefits, it has disadvantages as well. Keep in mind that stevia sweeteners have only recently become widely available, research on their long-term health effects is limited.

Because it’s so much sweeter than sugar, stevia is considered an intense sweetener. Some researchers believe that intense sweeteners may increase cravings for sweet foods.

Stevia and other zero-calorie sweeteners may still cause an insulin response, simply due to their sweet taste, even if they don’t increase blood sugar levels

 While it’s plant-based and may seem more natural than other zero-calorie sweeteners, it’s still a highly refined product. Stevia blends often contain added fillers like maltodextrin, which has been linked to dysregulation of healthy gut bacteria.

Moreover, Stevia itself may also harm gut Bacteria. In a test-tube study, rebaudioside A, one of the most common steviol glycosides in stevia sweeteners, inhibited the growth of a beneficial strain of gut bacteria by 83% .

One of the biggest problems with stevia is its bitter aftertaste. Food scientists are working on developing new methods of stevia extraction and processing to help remedy this.

Additionally, many observational studies have found no link between the consumption of zero-calorie sweeteners and improvements in body weight, calorie intake, or risk of type 2 diabetes.

Bottom Line

Stevia may help manage weight and blood sugar levels, also ANIMAL Studies show it may improve heart diseases Risk factors and other benefits but it has its drawbacks that you have to take care of and studies are still limited, so it could negatively affect your health. For optimal health, keep both sugar and stevia to a minimum.

Reference : PubMed , Healthline 


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