Wellness Tips that work for everyone

Wellness Tips that work for Everyone 

1. Be a food detective. 
Always Read food labels, Stick to Natural whole foods and Unprocessed foods.

2.Drink more water. Try replacing soda, energy drinks with
water . Many people reported more energy levels by doing this .

3. Make your own meals. Restaurant food generally has more salt, more fat,
and more unknown ingredients than food cooked at home. When you
make your own meals, you can control the quality of your food, your
portion sizes, and the environment you eat in. If you have to eat out, try
eating somewhere with Healthy food menus and always choose grilled, baked and other healthy options. 

4. Reduce your stress levels. Many people eat more when they feel stress;
the stuffed feeling makes them feel comfortable and helps them relax. Try
other ways of relaxing, like a hot bath or a massage. Also try
slowing down, breathing, and enjoying each meal, take a moment to be grateful for the food you are eating.

5. Get enough sleep each night. Growing evidence supports that missing
out on sleep can increase your appetite, which many times makes you
reach for processed snack foods. Most people need about 7 to 9 hours of
sleep each night.

6.Keep moving. Start with small changes, like getting off one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way . Take the stairs whenever possible. Instead of meeting a friend
for coffee, meet for a walk or a bike ride, or take a dance class together.

7.Explore cravings. Cravings are not something you need to squash; they
are messages from your body. Tune in and listen to learn more about what
your cravings might mean.
Be mindful. 

Lots of light, positive energy , life full of health , wellness and endless blessings !

Dr. Esraa Fathy 

Integrative Nutrition a whole life approach to health and Happiness 😊 


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