How much Coffee should you Drink ?

Coffee & Caffeine, how much is too much ?
Its not only Coffee that contains Caffeine. Always keep in mind that many other sources of Caffeine exist including teas , soft drinks, chocolate, energy drinks and Some medications/supplements. 

  • Safe upper Limit for Healthy Adult is 400 mg of Caffeine (around 4-5 cups ,if no other sources of caffeine consumed ). 
  • For Pregnant women 200 mg a day  

Content of Caffeine in 1 Tea spoon (5ml/gm) of Coffee :
1. Nescafe Gold = 70mg of Caffeine 
2. Turkish Coffee = 85 mg of Caffeine 
3. 1 can of cola: 40mg
4.1 can (250ml) of energy drink: up to 80mg – larger cans may contain up to 160mg
5. 1 bar (50g) of plain chocolate: 25mg
6. 1 bar (50g) of milk chocolate: 10mg

A small brewed Cup of coffee  could provide 50 mg , Starbucks grande over 400 mg , so choose wisely. 

Decaffeinated Coffee should have the same effects , an exception is Parkinson's Disease.

I personally go with Moderation in everything So i recommend 2-3 cups per day would be fine and if you consume other sources of caffeine 1 cup would be fine (only if you dont have any medical diseases or sensitive to coffee ). 

So did you have your cup of coffee yet ?! 
Lots of light,  positive energy and life full of health,wellness and prosperity to all who is reading this ❤ 

Best Regards, 
Dr. Esraa Fathy 


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