Quick & Easy Nutritious Breakfast Ideas 

A Quick and Easy nutritious breakfast can be as quick and easy as a bowl of whole grain cereal with sliced bananas and a glass of milk. Try these other simple ideas:

1.Half a whole grain bagel toasted, topped with sliced cheese and tomato.
2. A yogurt berry smoothie and a handful of trail mix with nuts and seeds.
3. Cheesy scrambled eggs topped with salsa in a flax seed tortilla wrap with a glass of orange juice.

Please Note : Amount individualized according to you meal plan , Depends on your age , sex , level of activity and Medical Conditions .

  • Yogurt ( Calcium ,proteins , Carbs and pre-biotics )
  • Fruits ( Carbohydrates , Vitamins , minerals and Antioxidants )
  • Nuts ( Healthy Fats , satisfying and Nutritious )
  • Chia Seeds/chia pudding , Flax seeds ( Fibers , Omega , fibers , high quality proteins and Antioxidants )
  • Eggs ( High quality proteins , VitD , Selenium , folate , VitB2 )
  • Berry (Vit C , VitK , Magnesium , antioxidants polyphenols , fibers , Many berries have proven benefits for heart health. These include lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, while reducing oxidative stress.They may also help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by acting as great alternatives to sugary snacks.
  • Orange Juice ( vitC , Folate , Potassium , antioxidants )

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